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You weave gold out of creative briefs. Mixing strategy, insights and mandatories, you create award-winning work. You write the words and create the concepts. And you know the difference between conversational copy and what your English teacher would approve. You prefer the former.

You’re self-directed, you’re a quick study and you see every project as an opportunity. Your versatility rivals that of duct tape.

You’ve worked a minimum of five years in an agency environment. Or you’re just that good. Your experience spans an array of media. We do it all. You will too.

Here you’ll report to a team of creative directors who will not only help you grow but work right alongside you. In the trenches. Your book will thank you for it.

You sweat details.
You mull. You tweak. Then you edit and repeat. Every headline, subhead, byline, sentence and paragraph. You’re that kind of writer.

You’re visual.
You know great design when you see it. You can concept without headlines, too.

You present well.
Setting up and selling your work is a requirement.

You keep up.
Juggling different clients and projects on deadline is also required.

You’re nodding your head.
Tell us about you and show us your work so we can do the same.

Trozzolo is an ad agency, marketing communications and consultancy firm that takes pride in its talent, strategic thinking and award-winning creative. Working with the best is how we build our team. Our clients are many and we like that because it makes us and our jobs more stable. In 28 years we’ve never experienced a down year. Our culture is rooted in relationships and teamwork. We’re equal parts collaboration, fun, family and growth.

Apply with a letter, your work link and resume to careers@trozzolo.com.