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Alarmingly transparent.

We exist to find and tell brand truths. Simple as that. But as we’ve learned over our 29 years in business, those truths are not best told by pretense or sleight of hand. Which is why we’ve always adhered to our culture of unapologetic honesty and bold transparency, a freedom that being an independent, family-owned agency has afforded us. Shareholders? Company overseers? Nope. The only people we answer to are our clients.

Of course, the truth can sometimes be hard to hear, but if doing what’s best means telling you a strategy is off, or even admitting when we’re wrong, then so be it. After all, it wouldn’t be a family atmosphere if a lamp didn’t get tipped over now and again. Sure, our transparency might be alarming to some, but as our clients have found out, a little surprise often produces the most unexpected results.